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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q - What happens to all the images that I upload to the server?
A - Your image gets deleted as soon as it's resized and shown to you!

Q - Is this service free?
A - Yes. Resize.it is free.

Q - Can I link the resized image from your server to my website?
A - No. As soon as the resizing is done and the image is shown to you the image gets deleted!

Q - I would like to cut a small part out of an image. Can it be done?
A - Yes you can. After resizing there is a 'crop' option.

Q - I would like to cut a small part out of an image, but I do NOT want to resize the image. Can this be done?
A - Yes. Select 'crop' in the options menu !

Q - Your cropping does not work!
A - You will need a DHTML enabled browser to make it work!

Q - What type of images can I resize?
A - Resize.it can resize gif, pgif, jpg, jpeg, pjpeg, and png images.

Q - Can resize.it convert images to an other images formate?
A - Yes it can. You can set the following formates: gif, jpg and png

Q - Can I resize or crop animated images?
A - Yes you can, however it does not always work a 100%

Q - Why are some images that I resize not sized correct?
A - Make sure you select the correct layout! (portrait / landscape). alternatively you could try the ' percent' or 'On Your Own' resize mode.

Q - I have a lot of images to resize! Can I do this in one go?
A - No at the moment this site can only do one at the time.

Q - Can anyone else see the images that I'm resizing?
A - No. You are the onlyone who is seeing the image!

Q - I would like to add some text to the image. Can this site do this for me?
A - We are working hard on this option. For now it's not possible!

Q - When I try to save the image I only get a .BMP file extension option!
A - This is a small bug in Internet Explorer. It happens when your "Temporary Internet Folder" is full. Emptying it should fix the problem.

Q - I have some questions. Is it okay to email you?
A - Sure. Go to the contact option and send us your questions!