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Demo two

This is a demo form of a non preset for your website to use.
The user can set the width and height of the image himself.
If only a height or width is entered the image will be resized to the calculated aspect ratio.

infoThe messages shown with the resized image are hidden tags within this form!
You can use [b] and [/b] to make text bold. Use [br] for a line break (return) in the hidden tags.
(note you can not use " < > \ / " within the hidden tags!)

The hiden input tags used in this form are: "backgroundcolor" value="CCCCCC", "textcolor" value="000000", "textcolor" value="000000", "fontsize" value="10", "message1" value="this is message one", "message2" value="this is message [b]two[/b][br]Click image to download.", "urlback" value="http://www.resize.it", "selectfile" value="Error! Please select a file!", "filetypeerror" value="Error! File type not accepted! The file you uploaded is a: ", "oldimageinfotxt" value="Old image info:", "imageidenfied" value="Image identified as:", "oldimagesize" value="old filesize", "oldimagewidth" value="old filewidth", "oldimageheight" value="old fileheight", "newimageinfotxt" value="New image info:", "newimagesize" value="new filesize", "newimagewidth" value="new filewidth", "newimageheight" value="new fileheight"

select file:

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