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Demo one

This is a demo form of a preset portrait, landscape and percent mode with rotate option for your website to use.

infoThe messages shown with the resized image are hidden tags within this form!
You can use [b] and [/b] to make text bold. Use [br] for a line break (return) in the hidden tags.
(note you can not use " < > \ / " within the hidden tags!)

The hiden input tags used in this form are: "backgroundcolor" value="CCCCCC", "textcolor" value="000000", "textcolor" value="000000", "fontsize" value="10", "message1" value="this is message one", "message2" value="this is message [b]two[/b][br]Click image to download.", "urlback" value="http://www.resize.it", "selectfile" value="Error! Please select a file!", "filetypeerror" value="Error! File type not accepted! The file you uploaded is a: ", "oldimageinfotxt" value="Old image info:", "imageidenfied" value="Image identified as:", "oldimagesize" value="old filesize", "oldimagewidth" value="old filewidth", "oldimageheight" value="old fileheight", "newimageinfotxt" value="New image info:", "newimagesize" value="new filesize", "newimagewidth" value="new filewidth", "newimageheight" value="new fileheight"

select file:
portrait: [360x480] [450x600] [540x720]
landscape: [480x360] [600x450] [720x540]
percent: 75% 50% 25%
rotate? <- select for yes 90 left 90 right 180 (flip)

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