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How about having your own resizer on your site or forum?
With the resize.it webmaster image resize module you can! And this all for free!
It's easy to setup, and the nice thing about it, is that you do not need an account with us to make use of it! smile

Have a look at the four demo's and code examples that we have created for you to explain the use of it!

  • demo one is a preset form for your website.
  • demo two is a non-preset form. Users can specify their own width and height.
  • demo three is fixed width and height form. All image are resized to the set width / height.
  • demo four is fixed width form. Image resized with it will always end up with the set width.

The demo forms are only showing you what is possible. You can use any combination of the demo forms within one to customize it the way you want it!

When you look at the demo code's (provided on the demo page) you will see that the messages show to users after resizing are set in the "hidden" input's. With the hidden input's you can also set things like text color, background color, font size, error messages, and return URL.
Here is a list of hidden inputs that you can use in the form if needed. info Please note that most messages are preset if not used!

name value what info
x_size numbers Used for fixed width size
y_size numbers Used for fixed height size
preset 360x480 portrait size set to 360x480 size
preset 450x600 portrait size set to 450x600 size
preset 540x720 portrait size set to 540x720 size
preset 480x360 landscape size set to 480x360 size
preset 600x450 landscape size set to 600x450 size
preset 720x540 landscape size set to 720x540 size
radio 25 resize image 25% size
radio 50 resize image 50% size
radio 75 resize image 75% size
rotateon checkbox when set to checkbox enable rotate rotate
rotate 90 rotate 90° rotate
rotate 180 rotate 180° rotate
rotate 270 rotate 270° rotate
selectfile text Message to show when no file is selected! error message
filetypeerror text Message to show when file used is no good! error message
backgroundcolor color code background color for website color
textcolor color code text color for website color
fontsize number (pixels) font size for website font size
urlback text URL shown to go back to your site message
message1 text message one shown to user after resizing message
message2 text message two shown to user after resizing message
oldimageinfotxt text Text "old message info" to show user message
imageidenfied text Text just before what kind of image it is message
oldimagesize text Text just before old image file size message
oldimagewidth text Text just before old image width size message
oldimageheight text Text just before old image height size message
newimageinfotxt text Text "new message info" to show user message
newimagesize text Text just before new image file size message
newimagewidth text Text just before new image width size message
newimageheight text Text just before new image height size message

If something is not clear, or you need some help with the code, than please do not hesitate to contact us!

The resize.it team.


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